FoamCraft Packaging is a small family owned company specializing in quality affordable custom foam and wood packaging at a local level.

1988 Bob and Donna were given the opportunity to purchase a small business providing foam inserts for a local tooling company.
1989 The business was purchased. Bob and Donna’s main business knowledge at that point was “Take care of the customer” something that has stuck with the business throughout the years. At this time all production was being done in the laundry room of their home.
1991 The business had outgrown the laundry room and a workshop was added onto the garage. Bob was working a full time job driving truck overnight. He would cut foam inserts when he got home from his route and Donna and the kids would laminate them while he got a few hours of sleep.
1998 Bob and Donna realized they either needed to try and grow the business or stay where they were. This led them to the Owatonna Business Incubator where they continued to grow for the next 7 years.
2002 A wood shop was added in downtown Owatonna after a current customer reached out with a need for custom pallets.
2004 A groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new building. FoamCraft Side of Building
2005 The company moved into the new building which allowed enough space for both the wood shop and foam shop in one location.
2017 Albert Lea Crating was purchased and welcomed into the FoamCraft Packaging family.

As we continue to grow we still hold onto the owner’s core value
“Take care of the customer”